Millipede Control - All Finished for 2020

Millipede Control - All Finished for 2020

Put away the chemicals, time for nematode releases!

For more than 10 years, Bug Central has been helping gardeners, home owners and small businesses get on top of their millipede problems. Our combination of control options and sound advice is the starting point for successful control.

The native nematode forms the centre-piece of our control programs. Combined with light traps and 'DE' even the toughest problems can be reduced.

In the mid-1980’s researchers in South Australia found that a native nematode also attacks the introduced Portuguese Millipede (nematodes are tiny parasitic ‘worms’). This nematode only attacks millipedes, and will not affect crops, plants, animals or other insects. As this is a biological control millipedes will not be eradicated, but when combined with other control strategies, numbers are significantly reduced.

"Just want to let you know how much we love your work. We have been inundated with millipedes on our property each year since moving here nearly four years ago... after introducing your golden nematodes this season they have virtually vanished and our sanity has been restored. Thank you Thank you Thank you......."(Wistow, SA)

Orders for Western Australia are through our agent in Perth, Envirapest. Please contact them directly to place you order at

Quarantine Note: Orders cannot be sent to Tasmania where quarantine restrictions apply.

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Published on Monday, 16 March 2020