Aphid Control

This product contains a mixture of Aphid Parasites which together feed on more than 100 different species of aphids.

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Aphid Control is simple, natural and effective with Bug Central. The product contains tiny parasitic wasps that attack different aphid species. . They work well on a range of crops including tomatoes, roses and other vegetables and ornamentals, and can tolerate a wide range of climates including greenhouses. Releases are best done when low numbers of aphids are seen on the growing tips of the target plants

The Product contains a mixture of approximately 500 Aphidius/Aphelinus. The parasites are delivered in a small plastic vial and can be released directly into the target crop. Each order is suitable for a medium sized garden or greenhouse. Whilst a single release of the parasites will control most problems, a second release may be required for heavier infestations. You can also release some Lacewings to increase control.

Remember, good bugs will build up in numbers over time and slowly reduce the local pest population – it is not a ‘quick fix’ to pest problems!

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If you need more information on these parasites, please email us.

You will receive your order via Australia Post. Parasites are supplied in units of 500 parasitised aphid mummies contained in a small plastic vial. An adult parasite will emerge from each aphid mummy.

Release should occur when wasps begin to emerge (note that a few wasps will probably emerge in transit, so release should start within 1 day of receiving the parasites).

To release, open the container near the target aphid colonies, and allow the adult wasps to emerge. You can gently tap the upright container to disturb the wasps so they fly out. This should be done daily as more adult parasitic wasps emerge. Between releases, keep the vial out of direct sunlight, ideally at between 20 to 24 degrees. All adults should emerge within 3 to 4 days.

Do not tip the aphid mummies out of the container before the wasps emerge, as ants will eat these and reduce the number of adult wasps emerging.

For best results, avoid releasing the parasites during rain, high wind or extreme temperature. Do not use any pesticides before or after release. A soft control option such as pest oil can be used 7 to 10 days before release, but allowing the parasites to build up after release is better than a follow up spray.

Examine aphid colonies for 'mummies' 10-14 days after release. Control usually follows quickly once 10% of the aphids on the leaves are clearly parasitised. Avoid using yellow sticky traps as these will attract and kill the aphid parasites. Control of ant populations is also advisable, as the activity of ants around aphid colonies will disrupt the effectiveness of Aphidius and Aphelinus.

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