Lacewings Large

Lacewings consume a wide range of common pests, such as Aphids, Mites, mealybug, Whitefly, scale insects and some moth eggs and caterpillars. They are particularly effective against aphids.

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The Green Lacewing is a native to Australia and is found throughout all states. It is an effective predator of a range of insects commonly found in home gardens, especially aphids. The 'large garden' pack contains approximately 2000 larvae.

Green lacewings are one of the most widespread, native predators in Australia. Whilst they are most active in warmer regions, they can tolerate a wide range of climates including greenhouses.

Lacewings, as with most predators and parasites, work best in gardens where a mixture of plants are growing. This ensures a range of insects will be available to sustain a population when pest numbers are low, and also provide alternative food sources such as nectar.
Lacewings are despatched from the insectary via Express Post. As a general rule, the punnets can be kept for 2 to 3 days in a cool (but not cold) place prior to release. Lacewings can be cannibalistic, so leaving them for too long will reduce the number of larvae. Full instructions on using the lacewings are sent by email prior to delivery. 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) relies on a range of activities to reduce pests. IPM does not aim to totally eliminate pests, as this is neither natural nor desirable. IPM seeks to achieve a balance between all organisms in the garden, and releasing good bugs helps maintain this balance.