Millipede Control - Complete Kit

Portuguese Millipedes are pests throughout many areas of southern Australia, but the native nematode supplied by Bug Central can help battle this nuisance pest.  

This product includes the complete kit of bait stations and nematodes for an effective millipede control programme.

For Western Australia customers we now have a local agent for sales and support of the millipede control products:

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Millipede Control is simple and effective with nematodes!

In the mid-1980’s researchers in South Australia found that a native nematode also attacks the introduced Portuguese Millipede (nematodes are tiny parasitic ‘worms’). This nematode only attacks millipedes, and will not affect crops, plants, animals or other insects. As this is a biological control millipedes will not be eradicated, but when combined with other control strategies, numbers are significantly reduced. 

Bug Central has developed a new system for releasing the nematodes using a bait station. The kit includes 6 bait stations and solar lights, and is suitable for a large garden or small rural property. Releasing the nematodes is as easy as mixing the nematode mix with some dog food (yes, dog food!) which is used as an attractant for the millipedes, and then placing the bait stations around the garden. Each gel pack of nematodes is enough for at least two cycles of release. Detailed instructions are emailed at the time of each order. 

Orders are sent via Star Track Express or Express Post, so a daytime physical address is preferred.

Western Australia: Customers in Western Australia now have a local agent for the millipede control products. Please contact Envirapest (

Tasmania: Orders cannot be sent to Tasmania where quarantine restrictions apply.  

Millipede Control

Each ‘Millipede Control Kit’ includes both the gel pack with nematodes and the bait stations. There are six bait stations and solar lights in each kit, and a gel pack of nematodes that allows at least two cycles of release.

A booklet outlining use of the bait stations and nematodes, as well as millipede control strategies will be emailed separately.

* It is possible for customers to make their own bait stations, with the bait stations and lights available at most hardware stores. For this reason, we also sell the nematodes separately.


Millipede Control – Release Instructions

Detailed instructions will be emailed to you once you place your order. If you have any questions please email: