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In Autumn 2017, Bug Central trialed a new system for release of the nematodes. This was very successful, and future orders will use this system. 

In previous years, we have found the nematodes to be much less effective when released in Spring, so we no longer release them during this time. However, with the bait stations proving to be irresistible to the millipedes, they can double as a simple light trap!

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As these bait stations are designed to attract the millipedes, they can double as a millipede trap. Whilst there are commercially available light traps that will both attract and kill the millipedes, these bait stations are another option for reducing the problem around your house.

To use the bait station as a trap, simply place a small teaspoon of dog food in the trap, and set in a good place in the garden. Millipedes love dog food, and the combination of this and the light will attract them in their hundreds to each trap.

Note that nematodes are sold separately to the bait stations, and are only available during April and May each year.

The Millipede Bait Station kit comes with 6 ‘RTU’ style mouse bait stations and 6 solar lights. The lids of the traps have been pre-drilled for the solar lights to fit into. There is also a key for opening the traps. Detailed information on millipede control and the traps and nematodes will be emailed.

The RTU traps have markings on them to indicate they may contain poison, but please note that these traps are new and are therefore not contaminated with any toxic products.

The solar lights may require charging when you first receive them. Place them in the sun for a full day to ensure they reach a good level of charge. If lights are not working, remove the top part of the light and if a plastic tag is still in place over the battery, remove this. 

Solar lights will work for between 4 to 6 hours each evening which is enough to attract millipedes.

The bait station kit does not include nematodes which are sold separately

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